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Freudenberg Medical is looking for new methods and technologies in pharma and biotech


Written byPer Spindler

Freudenberg Medical is looking for new methods and technologies in several areas including anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory approaches (no pharmaceuticals), reduction of reaction against implants, smart coatings, fast bioburden detection, efficacy testing methods, minimally invasive systems, drug delivery, biosensors and in vitro diagnostics

Health Axis Europe Partnering is currently scouting for Freudenberg Medical. Freudenberg Medical is looking for new methods and technologies in several areas

  • Anti-inflammatory approaches (for wound care, for (soft) implants, for blood filtration, no pharmaceuticals)
  • Strategies for reduction of foreign body reaction (for implants, most out of silicone, and attached Freudenberg product presentations from FM and FPM)
  • Smart dressings / smart coatings (smart about wound healing information)
  • Anti-microbial approaches for silver substitution (no pharmaceuticals)
  • Bioburden detection (on surfaces and/or in air, quick and dirty, particularly < 10 CFU/ cm2)
  • Ex vivo/ in vitro methods for efficacy testing (new methods) for the topics above
  • Minimally invasive systems/surgery (electrification, digitalization or/and connectivity)
  • Drug delivery
  • Biosensors
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • "Medical needs for the future"

Deadline for submission of proposals is 30 August 30 2019.

Please contact Friedemann Loos (BioRN) or Per Spindler (Biopeople) for further information and application templates.

Health Axis Europe

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