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Fruitful matchmaking at the Agora


“The diversified mix of participants helped make the meeting. I really enjoyed participating. I managed to meet several interesting participants.” “It was very well done, very open to student project exhibition. I met many great exhibitors who would like to mentor me. It was an inspiration to meet some people who are doing the projects because they are passionate about it.”

These are two out of several positive comments on the recent Food-in-2 Health Agora 2015. The Agora took place on 11 November 2015 and gathered around 100 exhibitors as well as guests, and participants for the pitch session and the workshops. 33% out of about 200 recipients responded to the follow-up survey and provided valuable feedback, which will be taken into consideration when next years’ Agora is arranged.

PhD students and research groups in dialogue with companies
The exhibitors were a mixture of small companies, larger companies and researchers from the Danish Technical University (DTU) and the University of Copenhagen (KU). PhD students and research groups from KU and DTU exposed their research projects and mingled with small and large companies, which exhibited their products and provided tastes of their food protein fortified ice cream and cookies or protein drinks, seaweed and pea based drinks or drinks or food fortified with chia seeds.

The objective was met
The objective of the Food-In-2 Health Agora 2015 was to create contacts and dialogue between the attending companies, researchers and visitors, and according to the follow-up survey, about 75 % of the respondents got new collaboration partners, valuable new business or research contacts or established contact with venture capital representatives. Most of the participants went home with new contacts and a hope for new opportunities and collaborations. The organizers look forward to hear about possible development in this respect.

The pitch event attracted about 40 people, who enjoyed the six project pitches. Four of these projects are now in a dialogue with venture people or companies regarding possible funding.

The Food-In-2 Health Agora was organized by the National Ingredient Center, Inspire and Biopeople and supported by DTU and KU, AGORA partners and sponsors.

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