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The winners of the Jury Prize were Martina Helmlinger, Jeffrey Thimm and Martin Wiinberg, and the...
The winners of the Jury Prize were Martina Helmlinger, Jeffrey Thimm and Martin Wiinberg, and the winners of the audience prize were Ernesto Abila, Christoph Spenger, Morten Vindberg and Cecilie Mottlau Photo: Amir Susic

International summer camp in Denmark: Students competed in innovation and entrepreneurship


34 students met at a hostel in Fredensborg late August

The Faculty of health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen is a member of Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) – a network comprising seven European Universities as members and three universities outside Europe as partners. The network universities collaborates in various disciplines in the life science field. The aim is to develop new common activities that elevate the levels of education and research at the universities involved as well as increase the mobility for both students and researchers.

Students met at a hostel in Fredensborg
A summer camp in Denmark this year is a great example of a common activity of the ELLS network. At the end of August 2019, students from the University held an innovation and entrepreneurship summer school for students from the network universities. In total 34 students from all over the world participated when the Danish students welcomed them at a hostel in Fredensborg, North Zealand. The students arranged the camp and the case competition, which was an important part of the agenda with help from among others Vice-dean Grete Bertelsen, University of Copenhagen and Biopeople. ARLA, Chr. Hansen and NIRAS provided cases for the competition. The cases all related to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Less waste of food and water
The students worked in groups with representatives from the various universities. The theme of the case competition was to find innovative ways to reduce waste of food and water. The groups came up with several suggestions. Make Chr. Hansen even more sustainable by working with microorganisms in relation to the waste industry. Use existing research to make biodegradable milk cartons. Find a way for the consumers to use all yoghurt in a carton. Create a ‘Citizen Science’-project tom urge the general population interactively to collect data. Reduce water waste in food production and much more.

The case competition had two prizes – a prize from the audience and a jury prize. A proposal for an app, which could interactively prevent waste of food, won the prize from the audience. In addition, a proposal for reduction of the toxin Aflatoxin in food won the jury prize. Aflatoxin is contained in soil in farmland and constitutes a serious health risk.

Nils Brünner, CEO Scandion Oncology and professor at the University of Copenhagen

Nils Brünner, CEO Scandion Oncology and professor at the University of Copenhagen

More like that, please
Nils Brünner was part of the Jury at the case competition. He was very excited about the concept and the camp as a whole: ”It was very interesting to learn about the various solutions presented to the cases in the competition,” he says, ” The teams were very different, but I am impressed by the energy and commitment. It was actually so successful that I urge and recommend similar events in the future. The jury panel also included representatives from the company – which was terrific.”

The Jury of the Case Competition

Jane Nøhr, Biopeople, Nils Brünner, Scandion Oncology, Charles Gayot, StepUpAir, Jack Richard Peters, Accelerace and Peter Laudrup, Høiberg.

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