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Learn more about Daiichi Sankyo’s open competition grant programme - deadline 15 January 2016, grant size €80,000 or €150,000/year for two years

aNeDS programme provides close partnership between you and scientists

The size of grant is either around €80,000 or €150,000/year for two years.The programme is open to principal investigators affiliated with research institution in academia and small biotech located in Europe.

Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. is a proprietary pharmaceutical company with origins in Japan and with over 100 years of history in drug discovery and development. The R&D innovation and successes include a member of the statin class Pravachol® (licensed to Bristol-Myers Squibb) and the new Quinolone class Tavanic® (licensed to Sanofi Aventis). Recent drugs include the angiotensin receptor blocker Olmetec®, the ADP receptor inhibitor Efient® (co-promoted with Eli Lilly), and the FXa inhibitor LIXIANA®.

The worldwide research and development network connects Japan, the United States, Europe, India and East Asian countries. In Europe, Daiichi Sankyo Development in London oversees clinical trials. Regarding research, U3 Pharma GmbH in Martinsried in Germany conducts research for a range of antibody drugs and the Tissue and Cell Research Centre Munich performs pharmacokinetic studies and toxicity tests.

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