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Join the Nordic Life Science Days 2017 in Malmø


Written byRandi Munch Krogsgaard

Registration opens on 1 December - discount on registration fees for Biopeople members

Nordic Life Science Days moves from Stockholm to Malmø

In its four years from inception, NLSDays has been held in Stockholm. In 2017, the comference moves to Malmö in the newly built MalmöMässan.

Expect some new thinking as we exploit the possibilities of this life science-dense region, and benefit from all the culture that neighbouring Copenhagen has to offer.

Nordic Life Science Days is the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry. Since its inception in 2013, the event has nurtured a community of people from the world of life science, and created a unique place to do business.

Most attendees express their delight in the informal atmosphere, combined with an organised approach to meeting highly relevant people. Return visitors come back because they feel they belong to our growing community.

The conference creates a space for meaningful encounters, with one-on-one meetings being one of the main features of NLS Days. Additionally, the high quality of topics and presenters provide insight into the most recent trends in science and business.

NLS Days attracts leading decision makers from biotech, pharma and medtech as well as finance, research, policy and regulatory authorities.

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