Keynote at the Biomarker AGORA 2017: Biomarkers within neurology and psychiatry


Birgitte Søgaard is Divisional Director – Clinical and Quantitative Pharmacology, H. Lundbeck A/S will talk about the developmental consequences

Keynote at the Biomarker AGORA 2017: Biomarkers within neurology and psychiatry

We look forward to seeing you at this year's AGORA, which has a strong focus on dementia, psychiatry and neurology, but also on biomarkers related to other diseases.

The AGORA will present two keynotes as well as a workshop, with a focus on ICT related to psychiatry and led by DTU Compute.

Ruth Frikke-Schmidt, Rigshospitalet, will open the AGORA with her speech on biomarkers and Alzheimers disease and Birgitte Søgaard will give a speech after the workshop in the afternoon.

Birgitte Søgaard has worked with Clinical Pharmacology for more than 25 years with focus on the establishment of biological models to be able to quantify and describe biological responses to support drug development. This includes biomarker development within a number of therapeutic areas, bio banking and collaborations with consortia with the aim at selecting the right patients for the right treatment.

Birgitte Søgaards keynote speech at the Biomarker AGORA 2017 is titled Developmental consequences of biomarkers within neurology and psychiatry.

“In strong contrast to decades of reductionist biology, which involves taking the pieces apart, approaches to understand the larger picture at the level of the organism, tissue or cell by putting its pieces together, has become possible due to increased computer power,” she says.

“Within accepted indications it makes sense to believe that it is possible to find sub-groups of patients with “homogeneous” bio-types/phenotypes/endophenotypes likely to represent target populations in “contrast to one size fits all”. To be successful here, a strong collaboration is needed both from an international perspective but as much between public/private interties,” Birgitte Søgaard says.

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