Copenhagen the best choice for EMA


40 people representing companies, organisations, politicians and institutions in Denmark and Southern Sweden have signed a letter to President Juncker, President Tusk and President Tajani at the EU Commission to urge a decision on placement of EMA in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen the best choice for EMA

The letter begins: Over the coming months, the decision on where to relocate the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be on the table for you as a European decision-maker. We are representatives of a broad coalition of public and private institutions in Denmark deeply involved in and dependent on a well-functioning European medicines authority. We believe Copenhagen offers optimal conditions for hosting the EMA thanks to the presence of a world-class research environment, an innovative and vibrant life science cluster, a unique basis for a strong focus on patient and animal safety, an efficient infrastructure, and high liveability for employees and their families. Allow us to elaborate.

Part of the arguments
Being the EU country with most clinical trials per capita, Denmark is a leader in terms of research focusing on medicines safety and efficacy. Denmark was among the first countries to introduce a compulsory reporting system on adverse events. Together with our long-standing health registries, this makes Denmark the epicentre for the use of real-world data in terms of patient safety. Welcoming EMA to Copenhagen would fur-ther strengthen our joint efforts in this field.

The Greater Copenhagen area is under continuous, rapid development. From outstanding, green urban architecture, as exemplified by the new UN City, to monumental infrastructure projects, progress is steady and visionary. Today, Denmark is the number one EU country in terms of digital infrastructure according to the European Commission.

Read the whole letter here.

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