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Leveraging Danish Life Science with a strong focus on innovation and collaboration


Written byPer Spindler

The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the Ministry for Health see life science as an important position of strength in Denmark and with a significant contribution to the Danish welfare system. The Danish life science sector has evolved over many years, and so has employment in the whole life science industry. There seems to be a strong agreement that Denmark shall cherish the life science sector and secure its continued development.

An important part of Danish life science is the underwood of entrepreneurial initiatives and new small companies, based on for instance new technologies, alternative indications of medicines and advanced therapies like for instance immune therapy. These important initiatives are constantly in the risk of falling into developmental or financial gaps. They do not always get proper funding and might have to survive through partnerships and smaller funds. However, some of the initiatives are climbing the steps in the developmental process and value chain.

The survival of those new initiatives is critical for the continued development of the life science sector, because they often offer novel approaches, which both existing national and international industry might depend on and benefit from. National funding have over the years helped some these initiatives pass critical gaps in the development process. Additionally, the opportunities to establish fruitful collaboration have helped smaller Danish companies to grow and create value.

Meet, match and get inspired

Biopeople is a national independent and neutral cluster organization, supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. We exist to inspire and support university researchers and researchers in life science SMEs in the Danish Life Science sector to make great ideas come to life through collaboration and sharing of knowledge. Through and jointly with our broad network of scientists and companies we offer relations building and collaboration opportunities, with a strong attention to new ideas and new companies. It is our main task to make people meet and match, get inspired, share ideas and establish collaborations, thereby playing a valuable and nourishing part of knowledge-based innovation support system that further the development of the Danish life science sector.

The Danish position of strength within health care

The current national discussions of the future positions of strengths for the empowerment of Danish trade tend to look at life science as a mix of all industry segments in the health care sector. Although convergence of disciplines in life science occurs, companies in (or aiming at) the health care market represent very different market angles in product development. This may contribute to the complexity of discussions of the actual Danish position of strength within health care.

Each innovation network within health care represents an important segment its own rights, and all initiatives contributes to a synergetic approach to improve Denmark’s ability to create and maintain the optimal national welfare system. Biopeople addresses the complex health care system by specializing in well-defined industry segments as biotechnology, development of medical products and related medico (class II/III).

We look forward to contribute further to Danish Life Science, which is one of most important national positions of strength.

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