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Mapping and connecting people in life science


Academondo connects the world of science – and invites people and companies in the Life Science eco-system to join a new and exciting universe

Today the challenge is that there is really nowhere to go if you are starting from scratch and want to build a strong network within life science. Trying to do this yourself will steal a lot of attention away from actually building and developing your company says Thomas Nørhaven, co-founder of Academondo. ”We have done the legwork and offer access to the ecosystem in an innovative web platform that is optimally designed for life science, food-tech and health-tech sectors. This way, we aim to unite companies with knowhow and thereby facilitate collaboration, innovation and talent development. We create the framework for your company to grow.”

Matching people
The Academondo Universe gives you access to a broad range of companies, organisations, hospitals and Universities. The idea is actually simple: By creating a profile you gain unique exposure towards the ecosystem and through this, we can help you get in contact with experts, find potential customers, ask fellow peers for business advice to just mention a few of the opportunities. Academondo is also a jobsite for researchers aiming for a scientific career in academia and/or industry. The site aims to match personal qualifications with employers' requirements.

Meeting the needs
Thomas Nørhaven explains: “Companies in bio- and Life-science are often measured by their speed of development. Successful development is driven by de-risking of projects, something that often require access to external experts and access to knowhow. A strong network is therefore of vital importance to company development and success. The platform has been built from feedback from pharma, universities, organisations and smaller biotech all working in international environments. With this knowledge, we have tailored Academondo to meet individual personal and company needs. Within various life science fields, people and companies are matched using in-field knowledge to provide you with actual context and help you progress faster. We understand that time is money and have therefore created a universe that helps you save time and therefore money.“

Collaboration to solve specific problems?
When asked about development opportunities for Academondo Thomas Nørhaven imagines that closer collaboration between Academondo and researchers or companies in specific fields might be a way to meet certain challenges or solve specific problems. “I imagine a collaborative approach to solving certain specific problems or to identify and gain knowledge,” Thomas Nørhaven says. The Academondo universe is here to stay. It is constantly developing and expanding to include all kinds of features that might help people in the Life Science community to form and develop useful networks to improve innovation.

New members will get 50% discount
Academondo 2.0 is now launched with new features that will help develop the company. As part of this, Academondo invites new members to join the universe. ”People who sign up before 15 January 2020 will receive a 50% discount for the first year. We acknowledge that strength is in the numbers and we have therefore created an attractive pricing. We hope to welcome many new members to the platform to help create innovation and foster further growth for the companies,” says Thomas Nørhaven.

An alternative to today’s traditional way of sharing knowledge

An alternative to today’s traditional way of sharing knowledge

''Collaboration, knowledge sharing and talent development are some of the most crucial elements for the successful development of our community, and that's exactly what Academondo may help with. Especially innovative partnerships between researchers and the business community are important, and I hope many will make use of the new platform offered by Academondo as an alternative to the traditional way of sharing knowledge today,'' Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Board of Carlsberg A/S and the Carlsberg Foundation.

A platform that meet the needs

A platform that meet the needs

''I have now had a profile at Academondo for a few months and I find the platform very useful for my career. I have used the site to create a CV and in addition I have used the search functions to connect with people with similar scientific interests. I also took the opportunity to create a neuroscience group, which focus on discussing scientific challenges related to behavioural studies in different animal models. I am happy to see the network growing and I think a platform like this, focusing on science only, has been in need for quite some time. One of my ambitions by being at the site is to establish a closer collaboration with industry and I therefore hope to see more companies at the platform,” Steffen Nørgaard, Post doc, BRIC, University of Copenhagen.

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