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Needs and wishes from Biopeople members


Thank you to our many member companies for feedback on their future needs and wishes

Earlier this fall we asked our member companies to give feedback regarding their needs and wishes for cluster activities, so that future cluster activities will be relevant and be of value to our members.

With a response rate of 15% we received the following key messages from the survey:

  • Biopeople has played an important role creating opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing between academic research and business development, as well as facilitating new public/private and international collaboration projects.
  • Concepts like the seminar/webinar series Brew Your Own, focusing on specific themes relevant for both entrepreneurs, scientists and students, work well, due to the included brief talks by experts as well as presentations of cases from start-up founders in an inspiring and engaging format.
  • Network groups on specific topics should continue, especially Personalised Medicine.

The members of Biopeople range from Big Pharma, Biotech, SMEs and start-ups to private consultants and service providers, meaning that the members needs are very different with respect to especially clinical collaboration, international activities, sponsorships, event overviews etc.,These different needs will be addressed in activities in the new cluster organisation, Danish Life Science Cluster.

Thanks a lot to all the members engaged in providing feedback. We will follow up on the feedback early next year, when the brand new national cluster organisation, Danish Life Science Cluster, takes over.

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