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Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash
Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

New inspiration for start-up dreamers


By Jes Andersen, Project Manager,
New companies create most of the jobs and income from import, when based on technical and scientific research. This is why science-based start-up dreamers shall get all the help they need.

NEXT Brew Your Own on 3 December 2019

The Innovation District Copenhagen Science City and Biopeople, the innovation network for Bio- and Life Science has brewed a range of events that combine inspiration, information and informal networking opportunities for researchers, students and Deep Tech-entrepreneurs.

Inspiring meeting place
‘Brew Your Own’ is the title of the event range. The aim is to create a meeting place, where researchers, students and entrepreneurs are inspired to start an innovation intensive company together. Concurrently the ”Brew Your Own” events shall help the companies to identify facilities and collaboration opportunities in the innovation district and inform about the many services to entrepreneur provided by the public Denmark.

Speaker learned by himself
Kenneth Kastaniegaard, Co-Founder & CEO, Biogenity™, which analyses biological trial data for researchers and companies, knows very well the importance of support initiatives for start-ups. He gave a presentation at the first ’Brew Your Own’, describing the road from Ph.D.-student to owner of a company. His comments on his participation in ’Brew Your Own’ are:We would like to help new entrepreneurs brew a company together based on their ideas. In return, we had a good opportunity to learn something new and to extend our network. We will recommend the ‘Brew Your Own ‘events any time to new entrepreneurs. They provide good insight into how to secure growth, find investments and establish professional contacts.”

Also for international students
‘Brew Your Own’ addresses both Danish and international students, researchers and entrepreneurs and the language is English. The agenda item for coming events are broad: From product tests, via convincing investors to invest in the company to how to put together a team to lead the company in the first phase. ”Brew Your Own” also invites to an ’open mike’ process, which provides space and time to establish new contacts. Nicoline Kalsbeek, owner of Kalsbeek Consult enjoyed the ’open mike’ very much:” ‘Brew Your Own’ was very valuable to me. I had the opportunity to pitch my offers and at the same time, the other speakers and the audience inspired me. It was a fantastic event at an inspiring location,” she says.

Facilities for development and tests
Finding instruments and facilities at research institutions might be detective work. The organisers Copenhagen Science City and Biopeople therefore strive to make the event range a kind of ‘Tour de Chambre’ for development and test facilities. The first place to visit will be the Practice and Innovation House, which is a test environment for technological solutions for the health care sector at University College Copenhagen. Nurse, physiotherapist and midwife students may test and develop a new company’s products a realistic environment.

Catalogue of free support
The Danish authorities offer help and support to almost all development steps in a start-up company the help range from early stage, through investments to help to employ highly educated talents from all over the world to advice regarding export to new markets. ‘Brew Your Own’ plan to invite institutions to present their services and companies to share their own experiences. The organisers secure the crucial opportunity to meet other start-up dreamers by letting beer tasting be part of the agenda.

About Copenhagen Science City
Copenhagen Science City is a so-called innovation district in the heart of Copenhagen where the University of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet and University College Copenhagen collaborate to identify the optimal framework for innovation intensive companies. The three instutions invite people to discover, develop and test new products in collaboration with researchers and students. They also develop the neighbourhood’s functions in collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen.

The next ’Brew Your Own’ event takes place on 3 December 2019 titled ”Angels and authorities. Pitching for your first funding.” Sign up here.

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