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BIC Advisory Board meeting in Copenhagen.
BIC Advisory Board meeting in Copenhagen.

News release: BIC Project Advisory Board meeting in Copenhagen: The Commercialization of Biomarkers


For two days interdisciplinary discussions were held with participants from both the pharmaceutical industry and universities from both Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia & Denmark.

The occasion was the advisory board meeting 28 and 29 November, organized by the BIC consortium of the Baltic Sea Region. Biopeople and Idéklinikken had the great pleasure of welcoming participants to the BIC advisory board meeting with keynote speaker Alain van Gool from the Radboud Medical Center in the Netherlands.

Within the paradigm of personalised medicine and the increasing development of biomarkers, Alain van Gool presented an overall perspective on the development of biomarkers and the many challenges when it comes to the translational research.

Some of the issues for the commercialization of biomarkers raised by the BIC consortium were:

  • How do we translate a biomarker discovery from lab to clinical setting?
  • How to ensure that the researchers have adequate knowledge about the commercialization of biomarkers?

The overall aim for the BIC consortium is to assist biomarkers in reaching their full potential.

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