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News release: Biopeople and Korean Technopark in collaboration


Biopeople signs Memorandum of Understanding with Daejeon Technopark, Korea.

At a signing ceremony 8 November at COBIS - Copenhagen Bio Science Park, Per Spindler, director of Biopeople and Senior Research Engineer, PhD Byoung Kwon Min of Daejeon Technopark Bio Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding for mutual development through collaboration.

The purpose of the agreement is to seek for new opportunities and ways for vitalizing the export of bio products and technology for the two parties’ connected bio companies. Collaboration can include promotional measures, finding bio companies and investors etc.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Jai-chul Choi was present and stated that he saw a huge potential in the biotech area for collaboration between Korea and Denmark.

The representative of Daejeon Technopark, Byoung Kwon Min expressed his hope for mutual visits of companies between Korea and Denmark.

Director Per Spindler, Biopeople talked about the need for innovation in life science, the need to renew and expand the export markets and the fact that both Korea and Denmark rank very high in OECD’s innovation scoreboard.

"If we combine what we do, we can do it even better. So this initiative is very much appreciated”, he said.


Daejeon Technopark acts a building block for the growth of regional enterprises, providing comprehensive and customized assistance in the fields of:

  • Program development and technology consultation
  • Research & development
  • Patent acquisition and design development
  • Investment invitation
  • Marketing


Daejeon is South Korea's fifth-largest metropolis, with a population of over 1.5 million.

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