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News release: Biopeople facilitates hackathons at Tech BBQ


Solving the problems of the waiting room. Biopeople in collaboration with SUND Hub of University of Copenhagen facilitates three mini one-hour hackathons at Tech BBQ.

At this week’s busy Tech BBQ summit for startups in Øksnehallen 24-25 September, one of the options for sitting down was a in a 1:1 recreation of a classic hospital waiting room – with 80’s style bent beechwood chairs, copies of old magazine and healthcare leaflets.

But today people weren’t bored (or upset by untreated injuries). Instead they engaged in spurting out ideas, taking part in one of the three hackathons, Biopeople helped facilitate together with UCPH's SUND Hub. The goal was to assist the Emergency Department at Køge Hospital with their challenge: Unpredictable patient flows means that it is not possible to give information about specific waiting times to the 100-200 patients a day, and if attempted, it often creates more frustration in patients when the appointment is not met.

How to solve this? If neither money, nor technology is a problem? All solutions were accepted and part of the competition which had winners awarded with mini champagne bottles. And the best part: The solutions have been handed over to the management of the Emergency Department in Køge.

Different groups created posters and presented their solutions, ranging from improving the experience and expectations of the patient in the waiting room to giving doctors and departments a better overview. Some were tech solutions in the shape of apps and some focused on providing a less unpleasant environment for the patients by eg. access to entertainment or separation from other patients.

Emil Ejersbo Iversen, doctor from Køge Hospital presented the challenge and cluster manager Jane Nøhr from Biopeople helped facilitate the groups.

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