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News release: Five Danish life science companies to receive economic support


This fall has been a lucky one for at least five Danish SMEs and six Danish service providers. "Invaluable support" from Biopeople, matching with international companies for the Boost4Health Impact Voucher programme.

The SMEs are about to receive a socalled Impact Voucher (14.999 euros) to aid them with technical advice, prototyping, demonstration, regulatory support, usability validation, or scaling-up.

The SMEs are:

  • Scandion Oncology/Jan Stenvang + Nils Brünner – collaboration with Paul Span, Radboud (NL)
  • Injurymap/Ulrik Borch – collaboration with University of Kent/Canterbury (UK)
  • StepUpAir/Charles Gayot – collaboration with M2S sportlab (FR)
  • La Roar/Tine Stampe – collaboration with ARTPred (NL)
  • ExSeed/Emil Andersen – collaboration with IVDeology (UK)

Six Danish service providers are also to provide various international companies with their services in the Boost4Health setup:

  • Copenhagen Life Science Advisors
  • Davinci
  • Adaptvac
  • Arcedi biotech
  • Asperis
  • CLSA Life partners

A total of 28 companies in the 11 European regions have been granted vouchers, making Denmark a top mover.

Invaluable support from Biopeople

Biopeople talked to CEO Ulrik Borch to find out what it means for a company like Injurymap to receive economic support from Boost4Health:

“It gives our collaboration partners some free space to accommodate our wishes and be more proactive regarding our project. Health care providers are always curious and interested in new projects, but often they have to scrimp if they want to do new and exciting things. That is why it means a lot to us to have some of our additional expenses covered.”

How important is it to get in touch with University of Kent and the Medway NHS Foundation Trust, which is a hospital, working with several universities.

“Almost invaluable. I was recently in the UK for a programme organised by the Danish Embassy to help nordic health tech startups enter the UK market. The conclusion was that collaborating with the NHS (the British National Health Service) is key. However, we also learned that there are no easy ways into the NHS, and that you basically need to find a loophole. That is what we have done here.”

Which part did Biopeople play?

”Jane has been an essential driving force for this project. She really pushed the UK collaboration partners to activate their network, at the same time helping us understand precisely what to deliver for her to go on with the project. I am very grateful for Jane’s big effort to get this thing landed for us.”

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