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News release: Immunotherapy on the agenda – on Bioagora 2018 too


Immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer is on the agenda of researchers as well as health care sector and politicians. The topic is also reflected in the Biopeople’s big signature event Bioagora in November.

Two prominent keynote speakers have been confirmed already: Inge Marie Svane, Professor in Clinical cancer immune therapy and director of the translational research centre, Centre for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT) at University of Copenhagen and Mai-Britt Zocca, founder and CEO at IO Biotech.

Immunotherapy on the political agenda

Immunotherapy also weighs heavily on the political agenda. The Danish annual government budget 2018 promoted research in immunotherapy with a research subsidy programme of 15 million DKK a year until 2021. Furthermore, to promote research opportunities the fees were lowered for non-commercial clinical trials in immunotherapy. Fees were also lowered for early phase clinical trials in hospitals.

On immunotherapy for cancer

In immunotherapy, the body’s own system of immune defence is used to battle cancer cells. The last few years have seen a marked break-through, with immunotherapy proving to have a good effect and improved survival rates for some patients. This means that some patients, who would have died from melanoma in the course of a few months, will now survive. For approx. half of the patients the treatment has no effect and some patients experience side effects requiring hospitalisation. This is why intensive research is being done to find a way of pinpointing patients, who will benefit from the treatment.

Facts on Bioagora

Biopeople organizes the annual Bioagora on November 27 2018 at Marmorhallen, Frederiksberg Campus, Copenhagen University. The Biogora is an informal matchmaking event, free for both visitors and around 75 exhibitors, representing university researchers, scientists from the biotech and pharma industry and other stakeholders.

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