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People with diabetes would like to participate in public and commercial research.
People with diabetes would like to participate in public and commercial research.

News release: Patients would like to contribute to research


People with diabetes would like to participate in public and commercial research, contributing to the development of new insights into diabetes and health technology. This is one of the results of a new study among the members of the Danish Diabetes Association.

73 % of the members who answered the survey, state that they would like to participate in research in the future. Most are interested in answering questionnaires, fewer want to take part in the clinical trials of new medicines. Only half of respondents have participated before, but people generally feel comfortable at the thought of participating in research and development projects and many are interested in learning more about their options.

However, barriers do exist to patient participation. Some of them are patients’ lack of knowledge of enrollment opportunities and lack of feedback from researchers to actual participants in trials. The study is made by the Danish unit of European Patients Academy EUPATI Denmark, working to increase the capacity and capability of patients to understand and contribute to medicines research and development.Biopeople and NEXT Partnership have supported the project financially. Biopeople’s director Per Spindler states: “Through EUPATI Denmark and the national programme “Biomarkers as an emerging growth area”, Biopeople wishes to promote even more collaborative projects, putting the patient and the user at centre stage.

This is an example of a study giving us new insights in patient involvement in clinical research. It is one the ways we can get ahead in the development of the life science industry in Denmark.”The study will also form a point of departure in a debate at Folkemødet – The People's Political Festival 2018 in June, which Biopeople coorganises.

The title of the event is “The role of patients in clinical research”.

Biopeople is Denmark’s Life Science Cluster, funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Read more: Article and more information on the study at Danish Diabetes Association’s website (In Danish only)

Event: “The role of patients in clinical research”

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