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Novel ways of meeting in life science


This autumn will see novel ways of meeting, thought out by Biopeople cluster managers to engage and encourage active involvement and interaction.

High Tea and Open Space are meant to be ‘experimental events’ where knowledge sharing and matchmaking are facilitated by ways of meeting quite new to traditional academic settings in life science. These events are anything but the traditional one-way symposia, instead encouraging active involvement and interaction.

Both types of events will take place in the Maersk Tower.

Type no. 1: High Tea

Focusing on interdisciplinary knowledge sharing between researchers from Danish universities and life science companies. The purpose of event is knowledge sharing ‘light’ and to facilitate network building even better (compared to traditional symposia) – over a nice cup of tea. Literally. Think traditional British High Tea: Darjeeling and cucumber sandwiches mixed with a fabulous view of central Copenhagen, new networking acquaintances, discussing a hot topic with interesting scientists. Expect to introduce yourself to neighbours and actively participate in the “burning question” Q&A discussion.

So far topics are ‘mental health’, ‘bio-imaging’ and ‘fertility’. Tuesdays: 25 September, 23 October, 20 November, 18 December from 15-17.

Type no. 2: The ‘Open Space Technology Labs’

Open Space Technology Labs will use various ways of meeting, determined in collaboration with the researchers/companies involved, to engage participants. These could be Open Space, Future Search, Café dialogues, Fishbowl etc.

First one off is: Scifeon – scientist-friendly data management on 4 September

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