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Personalized medicine is a hot topic


Conference in Copenhagen on personalized medicine took place on 10 December. Sign-up deadline for the 1st symposium on Biomarkers and implementation of Personalized medicine in the clinic is 22 december 2014. Deadline for next Horizon 2020 calls for SMEs is 17 December 2014. Topic: Clinical research for the validation of biomarkers and/or diagnostic medical devices.

The tendency in Denmark as well as globally is that disease treatment has to be cheaper and at the same time more efficient. Personalized Medicine is a way to address these ambitions: By improving tailoring and timing of preventive and therapeutic measures, and by improving stratification and health care using biological information and biomarkers on the molecular level.

In this context, biomarkers are defined as molecules in patient material that can be used to extract information about the condition of a patient, the effect of a treatment or reveal toxic effects. Biomarkers are therefore highly appreciated and demanded in the clinical setting as a critical contribution to the initial diagnosis and in the decision of treatment regime in the individual case. In addition, the pharmaceutical/ diagnostic industry is also using biomarkers as an important tool in drug development and in the development of pharmacodiagnostic products.

The purpose of the January symposium is twofold:

1) To present and discuss state of the art of biomarker usage and technologies for their discovery and characterization
2) To establish a Biomarker network and decide topic for coming workshops within this network.

Please sign up for the symposium here.

Denmark has to face the huge paradigm shift

The Danish Regions organized a conference on personalized medicine on 10 december which basically stated that Denmark has to react to the paradigm shift in health care now. About 150 people representing research, health care professionals, medical industry, patient organizations and politicians to debate the very hot health care subject - personalized medicine and quality in health care.

The debate at this conference illustrated that a lot of issues have to be dealt with when Denmark overall introduces the new way of thinking health care and medical treatment. A lot of things are in place - our data tradition, the first biobanks, the genome project etc. But many issues need to be solved - cross regional collaboration, access to date, communication of this paradigm shift to the citizens, ethical questions and future scientific use of data collected from Danish patients and citizens as such.

Everyone seemed to agree that we need a national action plan - soon and that we need to institute new ways of collaboration which means a common understanding of the importance of sharing - knowledge, data, and experience.

Please se the article on the Danish Regions website (in Danish)

Please see the presentations from the conference

Deadline for next Horizon 2020 call for SME's on 17 December 2014, the topic is:

Clinical research for the validation of biomarkers and/or diagnostic medical devices

As you may be aware, Horizon 2020, the European Union €80 billion Research and Innovation programme for the period 2014-2020, includes a new instrument dedicated to Small and Medium size Enterprises called the SME instrument.

Only SMEs can apply, they do not need to have partners, and they can receive up to 5 million euros for their Health R&D project. All project costs are covered: the funding rate is 100% with an additional 25% for overheads.

Please find information on the Horizon 2020 SME call here.

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