Professor Alain van Gool is confirmed as speaker at the International Conference on Perspectives in Precision Medicine


Alain van Gool is professor Personalized Healthcare and heads the Translational Metabolic Laboratory at the Radboud University Medical Center - with a strong passion in the application of biomarkers in translational medicine and personalized healthcare

Professor Alain van Gool is confirmed as speaker at the International Conference on Perspectives in Precision Medicine

Profressor van Gool will discuss the deveopment of a shared infrastructure for personalized health and medicine research and in particular focus on his experience from the Netherlands.

Exponential developments in diagnostic technologies and of high precision medicines that interfere with selected disease mechanisms have enabled personalized medicine: the right drug to the right patient at the right dose at the right time.

Alain van Gool says: "We are, however, rediscovering that human physiology is a highly complex system and targeted drugs may not be sufficient to properly restore system disturbances, necessitating the need for system medicine. Even extending our ambitions towards personalized health, we now aim to translate interdisciplinary molecular research to knowledge, understanding and actionable decisions for people to maintain and/or improve their health."

He argues that awareness, community building and multi-disciplinary collaboration are key to moving forward. Several ongoing initiatives in the Netherlands will be presented with the ambition to bring them together under one shared infrastructure named Health-RI (

Alain van Gool's professional background is a mix of academia, pharmaceutical industry, applied research institutes, university medical centers. He has been leading technology-based biomarker laboratories, cross-functional expert teams, therapeutic project teams and public-private consortia, many of which were focused on the discovery, development and implementation of translational biomarkers in a variety of therapeutic areas. His technical expertise resides most strongly in molecular profiling (various Omics approaches), analytical biomarker development, and applications in translational scientific research. Dr. van Gools affiliations and and roles include:

  • Professor Personalized Healthcare, Radboud university medical center (
  • Head Translational Metabolic Laboratory, Radboudumc
  • Coordinator Radboudumc Technology Centers, Radboudumc (
  • Chair Biomarker Platform EATRIS - The European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine. (
  • Scientific Lead Technologies DTL - Dutch Techcenter for Life Sciences. (
  • Co-initiator Health-RI, the Dutch infrastructure for personalized medicine and health research (

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