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Profile of the month: Elite Search


Biopeople asked Nasreen Begum, founder of Elite Search, some basic questions about the company.

What is the background for your company?

The purpose of my company Elite Search Life Sciences is to bring a new kind of recruitment service to the Life Science industry, where scientists are found by other scientists. Considering that the Life Science industry in Denmark is one of the biggest in terms of revenue, export and growth, we don’t see a High- end search and recruitment provider that focuses on finding the scientific talents.

What makes your company unique?

I specialize in finding highly educated and sought-after talents with a scientific background such as pharmacists, chemists, biologists, engineers and so on. With my own background as biochemist I am very much in position to relate with these people and can better screen and assess their skills. This is highly beneficial for the company that wants to save time and resources in their recruitment processes!

What are your challenges?
Elite Search Life Sciences was founded in October 2018, so it is very new to the market and very few actually know of it. So most of my time goes with marketing and branding, as well as working on assignments for my clients. The challenge is also that right now I am the only one in my company!

Who would you like to get in touch with?

In near future I will bring on a partner that will help me bring Elite Search Life Sciences to a position, where it is regarded as the go-to search and talent provider. So I would like to get in touch with someone who has the knowledge and experience from the industry, and who also shares the entrepreneurial spirit to bring this vision to life with me!

What is your future goal/hope/dream?

My vision is that Elite Search Life Sciences becomes the first choice within search and talent solution providers to the Life Science industry. In few years I hope that I have a team under me that grows steadily. I also envision a collaboration with an HR tech company to bring forth new tools to ensure more efficient and un-biased recruitments in the future.

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