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Profile of the month: SANI Membranes: Facilitating a cleaner and improved separation - using fewer resources


Founded in 2013 by Henrik Hjelmsmark, SANI Membranes is a product and business development company within sanitary membrane solutions.

The company introduces micro and ultrafiltration filtration solutions based on it’s Free Flow Plate™ technology and the Vibro™ technology, which ensures a cleaner and improved separation - using less resources. The customers are within Pharma, Biotech, Food and Dairy.

Membrane filtration is a fast growing technology
Membrane filtration is an established and fast growing industrial technology for continuous separation, clarification, fractionation and concentration. Biotech and pharma companies use the technology in numerous process steps such as primary filtration, clarification and in protein fractionation and concentration.

“Membrane filtration technology is often seen as complex and expensive. Our Free Flow Plate technology, however and the disruptive Vibro technology provide easy, clean, cost and energy efficient filtration solutions for the future. The Vibro Technology gives an option to replace high speed separation, ceramic filtration or evaporation with a simple low cost alternative,” says Henrik Hjelmsmark. “The Vibro Technology is based on two extremely simple principles, which are free flow and vibration of the membranes. The main research and development has been focused on how these simple ideas may be translated in to a simple and robust design,” Henrik Hjelmsmark adds and continues: ”Due to our unique and patented technology, we have the possibility of working with both very high viscosities and high concentrations, and with very low and uniform transmembrane pressure. This allow us to work in new applications for membrane filtration within Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration. Vibro technology allows for expanding the area of operation with membrane filtration – or replacing present membrane solutions with much improved functionality, reduced energy consumption and with a simpler and more cost efficient solution,” he says.

Better separation and improved yield
“Our ambitions are to help our customer by allowing them to make a better separation, get an improved yield, and reduce the energy consumption, while improving the working environment. They may achieve this by replacing centrifuges for primary separation, replacing standard membranes for blank filtration and replacing dead-end filters for process filtration,” Henrik Hjelmsmark explains.

SANI Membranes aims to be a significant supplier to Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry with the SANI Membranes Vibro solutions to be the preferred technology solution for separation and concentration in both upstream and downstream process. The company will provide larger installations, through committed system builders, distributors and OEM's.

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