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Profile of the month: Unilabs Serving Pharma


Biopeople asked Jakob Gjørret, PhD, Managing Director at Unilabs Denmark, to answer some basic questions about the company.

Unilabs Serving Pharma

Unilabs Serving Pharma is part of Unilabs, a European leader in laboratory services. With 10.000+ employees and more than 30+ years of critical contributions in more than 3,000 clinical trials covering a vast number of therapeutic areas, Unilabs is a preferred partner for execution of clinical trials in Europe.

What is the background for your company

The diagnostic services we offer in more than a thousand locations are at the heart and start of millions of effective treatment decisions. Unilabs is one of the largest diagnostic providers in Europe, and the only European provider to offer laboratory, imaging and pathology specialties within one group. Focus is to give answers that help to give care.

Founded in 1987 as three diagnostic laboratories in Switzerland, Unilabs grew rapidly with a strategy of acquiring high-quality partner laboratories around mainland Europe. In 2007, Unilabs merged with major imaging diagnostics company Capio, whose reach encompassed Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the UK. This merger positioned Unilabs as the undisputed European leader in diagnostics. We have continued to grow our business alongside our portfolio of cutting-edge diagnostic services, and establishing new offerings in genetic medicine and pathology amongst many other disciplines.

Describe your business area?
Unilabs Serving Pharma, which is run out of our site in Copenhagen Denmark, has two main focus areas:

  • In Pharma services, we utilize our extensive network of laboratories with both significant experiences and broad capabilities in laboratory testing to support pharma and biotech research, discovery and clinical trials. Our expertise includes Bioanalysis, In-Vitro ADME and Metabolism, Histopathology, Molecular Diagnostics, Biomarkers, Flow Cytometry and Medical Imaging.
  • Commercialization of companion diagnostics (CDx) is an area of special expertise at Unilabs Serving Pharma and based on a unique business model and set-up we ensure highly efficient market penetration across Europe and beyond. This is achieved by working very closely with pharma and biotech companies to develop testing support models for market access to new precision medicine tests in Europe.

What is your future goal?

Our goal is to become a European leader within laboratory services and at the same time maintain our leadership in precision medicine testing in Europe and beyond.

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