Remember to sign up for the Biomarker AGORA on 1 November 2017

Remember to sign up for the Biomarker AGORA on 1 November 2017


At the Biomarker AGORA 2017 all stakeholders interested in biomarkers from various angles are most welcome. This year we include a strengthened focus on biomarkers and dementia and biomarkers in neurology and psychiatry

The focus of the AGORA is biomarkers in all respects:

What are biomarkers?
Biomarkers refer to objective indications of medical state observed from outside the patient. These medical indications can be measured accurately and reproducibly. Medical signs are not the same as medical symptoms, which are limited to those indications of health or illness, which the patient may perceive.

Biomarkers are merely the most objective, quantifiable medical signs that modern laboratory science allows us to measure reproducibly. Examples of biomarkers include everything from pulse and blood pressure through basic chemistries to more complex laboratory tests of blood and other tissues.

Exhibitors may display various types of biomarkers as for instance

1. Data on behavior
Early stages of certain diseases or impairment of existing diseases as for instance psychiatric diseases may be identified by comparing longitudinal data on behavior as for instance certain patterns of movement or the frequency of certain activities

2. Biosignals
Signals from processes in the body measured for instance on the surface of the skin, as for instance ECG (heart) and EEG (brain) signals

3. Body fluids
Data collected through electrochemical sensors that measure blood or sweat samples. These data are often collected in laboratories, but some data collections may be done directly by the General Practitioner

4. DNA and molecules

  • Data that indicate the presence of specific molecules in for instance blood samples
  • DNA screenings to identify the likelihood of genetic diseases
  • DNA screenings to identify the expected response to a certain medication

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