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Saving the world is a business opportunity


The Brew Your Own webinar “Sustainability at heart” on 18 June assembled five speakers to talk about generating sustainable business ideas, realizing them and persuading investors to fund them.

Initiatives that are good for people tend to be bad for the planet. This is a major challenge for sustainability companies according to Jesper Kühl Head of Analysis at the think-tank Kraka, the think-tank who showed how business-innovation is the road to sustainability. Kraka recently published a report (in Danish) on how innovation is the key to sustainable growth. Jesper Kühl was among the five speakers at the Brew-Your-Own sustainability webinar: "Globally we need to de-couple growth from a drain on resources. Innovation can solve this conflict between growth and sustainability, and Denmark has proven this by reducing CO2 emissions during the latest economic upswing,” he said.

Read more about the Sustainability webinar in the article written by Jes Andersen, Project Manager, Copenhagen Science City and Biopeople's co-organiser of the Brew-Your-Own event series

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