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Scouting for interesting projects at IP Fair


Written byRandi Munch Krogsgaard

On 29 May Biopeople participated in the IP Fair, along with companies, investors, entrepreneurial researchers and university business developers

The attendees had an excellent opportunity to network at the open IP fair environment at the Confederation of Danish Industry in the centre of Copenhagen. The majority of the attendees used the opportunity to have pre-scheduled partnering meetings. Biopeople also met with biotech and medtech project owners, and went scouting for interesting projects and companies for future events and gatherings. We were also looking for potential candidates for travel vouchers under the Boost4Health programme, a European Interreg programme, comprising nine western European regions.Biotech and health care made up 39 percent of the total number of exhibition booths at IP Fair 2018, while the rest of the 108 booths displayed advanced materials and technologies, digital and ICT, energy and environment, medtech and diagnostics and sponsors. On the agenda of the fair were also keynote speeches and pitch sessions for smaller companies and projects. Read more:IP Fair 2018Travel vouchers – Boost4Health programme

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