Seminar on patient involvement in medical research
Seminar on patient involvement in medical research

Seminar on patient involvement in medical research


'Biomarkers as an emerging growth area' is a project with partners representing ICT, Pharma and users. The project held a conference on 2. March 2017 on patient involvement in medical research

At the seminar the overall subject was how to involve patients in medicines development: what are the benefits and what are the drawbacks - how may the pressent approach be approved?

The seminar for the first time brought together public partners, patient organisations and the medical industry to discuss this issue, which is increasingly on the agenda at a European and a national level.

Central questions as the below came up during the day and initiated fruitful discussions among the audience and the presenters.

  • How are patients involved in medical research and development in Denmark. How is this involvement regulated and prioritized. What kind of experience do we have?
  • What are the roles of patients involved
  • Potential and drawbacks for patients, researchers, policy developers, authosities, pharmaceutical companies etc.

BRANDBASE, Biopeople and InfinIT are partners in the project which is funded by the Research and Innovation agency.

KORA, the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research hosted the seminar.

Please see presentations and videos from the seminar here.


Download Program_forskningsseminar_2_marts.pdfDownload Biografier_for_oplaegsholdere__forskningsseminar_2_marts.pdf


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