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September Profile: Methyldetect


Biopeople asked Tomasz K. Wojdacz, PhD, CEO of the company MethylDetect ApS to answer some basic questions about the company and what it does.

What is DNA methylation?

DNA Methylation is one of the most widely studied epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression regulation. Methylation changes disrupt gene expression which leads to malfunctioning of the cells and consequently disease. Aberrant methylation of increasing numbers of genes has been shown to contribute to the majority of diseases such as: cancer, diabetes, allergies, cardiovascular and psychiatric disorders.

Solid research evidence already shows that DNA methylation-based biomarkers can be utilized at all stages of clinical disease management, including:

  • Disease risk assessment
  • Early detection
  • Personalization of treatment
  • Monitoring of chronic disorders and recurrence

What is the background for your company/research?

MethylDetect ApS was established in January 2017 to commercialize Methylation Sensitive High-Resolution Melting technology (MS-HRM). The technology was developed at Aarhus University by myself, associate professor Lise Lotte Hansen and associate professor Alex Dobrovic. The method was originally published in the highly profiled journal Nature Protocols and was granted a patent protection. The company was co-founded by myself and Lise Lotte Hansen with the investment from Borean Innovation A/S.

Describe your business area?
Despite huge technical developments in the field of epigenetic research, methylation detection is still challenging and requires a high level of scientific expertise.

We have developed ready-to-use kits built on our preparatory technology (Methylation Sensitive High Resolution Melting) that enable highly sensitive, cost effective and user-friendly detection of DNA methylation changes in biological material. Moreover, the kits allow performing methylation detection on standard laboratory equipment, which makes adaptation of our technology very easy.

Currently, we offer our research use only products to researchers exploring how methylation changes contribute to the disease development. We also work intensively with partners to extend our product portfolio to include other products targeted to researchers in the field of epigenetics.

Our ambition is to bring our research use only product to the in-vitro diagnostic market and enable cost effective detection of methylation biomarkers at patient care sites.

What is your future goal?

MethylDetect’s ambition is to bring our technology enabling cost effective in-vitro diagnostic detection of methylation biomarkers into routine use in clinical disease management.

More information

Methyldetect will be presenting at High Tech Summit in October.

Company website:



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Official profiles:

Associate Professor Tomasz K Wojdacz

Associate Professor Lise Lotte Hansen

and Associate professor Alex Dobrovic


Article from Nature (2008):

Methylation-sensitive high-resolution melting

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