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Some results from Biopeople’s annual survey


Before summer, Biopeople asked the recipients of the newsletter to participate in our annual survey, in order to help us help them. Here’s what you told us.

82 of you replied, with 85 % of respondents based in Denmark, and hailing from predominantly educational institutions, service providers to the biotech/pharma industry, SMEs and large biotech/pharma companies (250+ employees). Some of the answers were:

The most frequently used Biopeople services in 2017/2018 were (multiple ticks possible):

1) Participation in one or more conferences, workshops, training courses – 58 %

2) Member of the Biopeople Linkedin group – 33 %

3) Exposure through Biopeople’s communications platforms – 25 %

The most relevant services to organisations were found to be (respondents were able to tick more than one):

1) Website overview of events within the life science environment – 61 %

2) Life Science knowledge dissemination (at workshops/training courses) – 58 %

3) Matchmaking sessions with potential collaboration partners – 36 %

The most highlighted of Biopeople’s services were (only one option could be ticked)

1) The Biopeople newsletter – 20 %

2) Possible participation in matchmaking events - 19 %

3) Opportunity to meet potential new collaboration partners – 17 %

Other comments were “Keep up the good work” (more than once) and one respondent felt that activities still have a bias towards Copenhagen.

Director Per Spindler states: “We are pleased that people in the Biopeople community took the time to answer this survey which gives us valuable feedback on our activities and helps us prioritise future activities. When it comes to covering the life science area outside the Greater Copenhagen Area, I am happy to be able to announce that Biopeople in the near future will expand with employees at Aarhus University and Aalborg University Hospital, giving us more national outreach, and providing companies and educational institutions based in the west of Denmark better access to Biopeople's services. Plus, we are always open to consider new suggestions and possible collaborations to the benefit of our network members.”

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