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Statistics from Biotechgate 2016: Only few new Danish biotech companies since 2013


In 2011 the founding of new Danish biotech companies peaked with 10 new companies – since 2013 only 1-2 new companies have been established per year. This is part of the information in the Biotechgate Life Science Analysis for Denmark 2016

Each year Biotechgate publishes a Danish Life Sciences trend analysis based on high quality company profiles which include company descriptions, contact information, product pipeline information, financing rounds and management details. The profiles are regularly updated by the companies themselves, as well as by an experienced database team, to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the data.

157 biotech companies in Denmark
According to Biotechgates Life Sciences Trend Analysis 2016, Denmark has in total 157 biotech companies, of which 76% are private/independent. Denmark has 151 other life science related companies, 87 med tech companies and 12 pharmaceutical companies.

140 Biotech SMEs
Out of the 157 biotech companies the percentage of SME’s is 88,9% equal to about 140 SME’s. 55,5% of the Danish biotech companies has less than 50 employees and 11,1 % has less than 10 employees, while 11,1% has more than 200 employees. In the Life Sciences industry as such 55,6% has more than 50 employees and 27,8% more than 200 employees.

119 products in clinical trials
66 of the Danish Biotech Companies companies are characterized as biotech therapeutics companies, 70 as biotech R&D services and 21 are characterized as ‘other’. 26,8 % of Danish Biotech companies develop therapeutics, and 17,6 % develops diagnostics and analytical services. In 2016 Denmark’s biotech companies have 119 products in clinical trials, of which 60 are in phase 2 and 21 in phase 3. Endocrine diseases, infections, respiratory, CNS diseases and cancer are the main therapy areas with oncology as the ‘winning’ therapeutic area dealt with by biotech companies.

Other services and suppliers count for 18,6% of the Danish Biotech companies while the remaining companies deals with Contract Research and Manufacturing (10,8%), bioinformatics, agrobio, veterinary, cosmetics, drug delivery, food and nutraceuticals, genomics and proteomics and industrial biotech.

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