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SUND Hub invites: Introduction to Regulatory Affairs for Medical Device Startups


Join Sund Hub next week for an introduction to the regulatory world of medical device development and connect with fellow students, healthcare professionals and early stage startups.

When developing equipment or software that can be used to prevent, diagnose, alleviate or treat illnesses, disabilities and injuries, proper approvals and quality assurance must be ensured. This evening, we have two important objectives:

  1. Getting insights into the world of regulatory affairs for you with an idea or an early stage startup within medical devices, and…
  2. Meeting other fellow innovators with interest or currently working with regulatory affairs and share experiences and ideas. Could be getting QA-procedures in place, writing your application to the Danish Medicines Agency.

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About SUND Hub

SUND Hub is a 400 m2 innovation house at Nørre Allé 41 – just across Panum. We help students, who want to solve a problem, have an idea or want to start up a company while studying. Several people at the Hub are studying and/or work in the health sector. SUND Hub welcomes all ideas.

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