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The Danish IP Fair is like a festival of new inventions and technologies


Biopeople partnered and attended the Danish IP Fair at the Confederation of Danish Industry, Copenhagen - a well organised event with more than 80 new inventions presented by the Danish universities

The focus of this year's Danish IP (DIP) Fair was 'the next big thing' - meaning information about innovations that are ready and easy accessible for the bio and life science industry.

Biopeople has an important role in the sharing of knowledge and information between the academia and industry and supported the fair together with DTU and SDU.

The Danish IP Fair is still a young event and the general feed-back was that it is important to offer this kind of matchmaking events. Such events provide smooth and efficient meeting platforms for potential new businesses.

As Louis Loeb, CCO & Co-Founder of Biogenity and a Biopeople network member stated: 'As a company, we left DIP Fair 2019 with a stronger network of potential customers and business partners. All in all, it was a great opportunity for us to promote our brand, but also to validate various elements of our business plan and products.'

Gerit Tolborg, CEO from Chromologics, who attended the event with the invention ChromoRed said.'It was a great opportunity to meet people face-to face, whom I so far have only been in touch with through e-mail. Such events generate a lot of personal contact in a very short time. This is very beneficial to extend the network and share quick updates with existing contacts.'

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