The ideal solution for the European Medicines Agency


Copenhagen stands ready with a plug-and-play solution – a 360° transition plan covering all aspects of EMA’s relocation, including a modern building already reserved for EMA.

These are the introductory words in the Danish offer to the European Medicines Agency

The ideal solution for the European Medicines Agency
Copenhagen Towers is ready to house EMA

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen says in his introduction to the Danish offer to EMA:

In a few months’ time, we will need to find a new home for the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Our decision on the location matters – not only to EMA itself, but to public and animal health in Europe.

EMA needs a safe, new harbour that can deliver a smooth and seamless transition as well as the full functionality of the agency from day one. Copenhagen is that harbour.

Our top priority is to ensure business continuity. Denmark stands ready with a plug-and-play solution and a 360° transition plan covering all aspects of EMA’s relocation. We have decided to reserve a building already – simply to be 100 per cent certain that EMA does not lose one day of operations when moving.

Our transition plan will allow EMA to move from London to Copenhagen within the given time frame and to be fully functional in its new facilities in Copenhagen by March 2019.

Our bid offers the ideal location for EMA in Copenhagen: Copenhagen Towers. The building meets all of EMA’s requirements and is situated very close to public transportation and Copenhagen Airport – a regional hub in the Nordic-Baltic region from where all European capitals are accessible.

In Copenhagen, EMA will be situated in the heart of one of Europe’s biggest Life Sciences clusters which includes Greater Copenhagen and Southern Sweden.

The size and professionalism of the Life Sciences cluster also means that EMA will be able to draw on scientific expertise for its scientific committees and working groups and recruit new staff from the high-skilled, international talent pool, if needed.

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