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Understanding how drugs actually work at the cellular level


Written byRandi Munch Krogsgaard

ImmuMap Services is a new DTU start-up company, founded on 1 November 2016. The company provides immune assessment services, consultancy and training on a fee for service basis, as well as state-of-the-art high throughput MHC/peptide T-cell epitope mapping as contract research

Helping to develop even more efficient drugs
ImmuMap Services is headed by Thomas M. Frøsig, and is based on the fact that drug developers often do not have a deep understanding of how their drug candidates actually work – at the cellular level. ” We are surprised to see how only few drug developers measure the effect of their drugs at the cellular level, and based on that we claim that drug developers could gain valuable knowledge about their drugs by elucidating these mechanisms. They prove a clinical effect of their drugs, but often they do not know exactly why they achieve this effect. They have a hypothesis but they have not explained it, something which is increasingly required from the regulatory authorities, “says Thomas Frøsig. “We can test hypotheses before and after treatment in clinical trials through immunoanalysis by flow cytometry by measuring what happens to cellular immunity in general and to T cells in particular. So ImmuMap Services was founded to help drug developing companies get a better understanding of how their drugs actually work. This may help them make even more effective drugs.” “We offer flow cytometry-based immune monitoring and state-of-the-art epitope discovery as contract research together with consultancy and training,” he says.

Immuno-oncology is a focus area
ImmuMap Services already has a couple of interesting customers who are in the process of out-licensing immune analysis to them, and they foresee a growing market in the part of the drug developing sector that is highly specialized in specific therapy areas.

“Initially we focus on serving small and medium-sized biotech companies and on the longer run we aim to deliver our services also to big pharma clients. Given the highly excited atmosphere in the immuno-oncology area these years, we expect the majority of these to be leaders in advancing the fields of cancer immunology and oncology drug discovery, but importantly, we are also capable of serving customers in other immune-related fields, such as autoimmune or infectious diseases,” says Thomas Frøsig and adds that ImmuMap Services expect to collaborate with these clients in both immune monitoring and multiplex epitope discovery.

ImmuMap Services also targets academia clients, who are leading discovery of novel targets for various types of cancer immunotherapies as well as the development of new anti-cancer treatment modalities.

Read more about ImmuMap Services here

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