Want help to pitch your life science start-up to Silicon Valley investors? Here's how


Do you have a potential drug candidate which is soon ready for clinical trials? Are you
looking for support in internationalisation and funding? Biopeople partners with Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley, who offers to guide start-ups from pitch to funding.

In partnership with BioPeople, the Danish Innovation Centre in Silicon Valley offers a Pharma Funding Camp for startup companies with a potential drug candidate. The camp will focus on financial opportunities to drive and execute preclinical and/or clinical trial studies. On the camp, you will meet experienced and very competent peers from the Silicon Valley eco-system, and you will get the opportunity to meet with, and pitch to, possible investors. In addition, there will be several opportunities for coaching, preparation of investor pitch and development of business plans. The core of the camp is 3 days in Silicon Valley - combined with preparation and follow-up in Denmark.

Biopeople talked to life science and innovation advisor Nadia Jin Storm from the Silicon Valley office of Innovation Centre Denmark, who counts on offering a spot to three or four companies during the autumn.

Which start-ups are you addressing?

“We are addressing the start-ups with a pretty developed drug candidate - most likely ready to, or at least almost ready to, initiate pre-clinical or clinical trial studies. The companies must be far enough to consider to open up for late seed or a serie A funding round.”

Why is this a good opportunity?

“This is an amazing opportunity for Danish (or Scandinavian) start-up companies to get to Silicon Valley where funding possibilities are bigger than in Northern Europe. With many years of experience in Silicon Valley, our network is well developed, and we have a good contact to many peers, investors and top scientists in the area. This is the first time we are trying to host a "direct" funding camp for pharma start-ups, but we are absolutely certain that we can provide the camp participants with methods and skills, and the right connections, to increase their chances of raising funding in Silicon Valley.”

Why is Silicon Valley an interesting place for pharma start-ups?

“The cash flow in Silicon Valley is faster, and the amounts invested are bigger. This is, without doubt, a great place to be if you are seeking international possibilities and are looking for funding to drive your drug candidate studies.”


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