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Well attended webinars with reference to COVID-19


In late June about 100 people chose to attend either one or the other Biopeople hosted webinar dealing with COVID -19 testing and immunological reactions to viral infections

On 24 June 2020 the Danish Innovation Centers of China and Korea co-hosted a Biopeople webinar on COVID-19 testing. Speakers representing academia and businness from Denmark (Agilent Technologies and Pentabase, Denmark, China (Chongqing Medical University, China) and Korea (International Vaccine Institute (IVI), Seoul, South Korea) contributed to 1,5 hours with an interesting debate and questions.

The following day, on 25 June 2020, Professor Søren Riis Paludan from Aarhus University told about the newest virological research in his labs, where the researchers work to understand the early events that occur during immunological challenge as in COVID-19 and other viral infections, and to characterize the impact on the control of infections.

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