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Biomarker Commercialization (BiC)


“The project consortium intend to involve industry earlier in the development and commercialization process of biomarkers and develop tools providing guidance to research institutions when selecting the most relevant biomarker discoveries and conduct a development plan that meets early requirements from industry,” says Kjeld Lisbye, Head of Innovation in the Northern Region of Denmark. “We want to define the downstream pathway from research, validation, development to the market, co-created with industry in order to speed up the process and create successful spinouts.”

Biomarker Commercialization in the Baltic Sea Region (BIC Interreg BSR).

Project Partners: Ideklinikken at Aalborg University Hospital (Lead Partner), the University of Turku, Finland, The University of Vilnius, Lithuania, and the 6 innovation clusters Biopeople (Denmark), BioCon Valley (Germany), Turku Science Park (Finland), Tartu Biotechnology Park (Estonia), Wroclaw Technology Park (Poland) and ScanBalt.

The BIC project will focus on the development of the tools to optimise the commercialisation processes of biomarkers suc as:

  • a Biomarker Development Tool
  • a Screening and Selection Guide
  • a Framework for Technology Translation into clinical setting
  • Business Model Templates
  • BSR Biomarker Platform
  • Technology presentation and match making tools

Biopeople is co-funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Denmark.

Project: Biomarker Commercialization (BiC)
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