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Biopeople is Denmark's Life Science Cluster

Biopeople is Denmark's Life Science Cluster

Biopeople is Denmark's Life Science Cluster hosted by University of Copenhagen and with hubs at Aarhus University and Aalborg University Hospital. We are part of the Danish infrastructure for innovation as established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (Innovationsnetværket for bio- og life science). We are funded by public government grants and grants from EU, national and regional projects. Companies may apply for free membership of the Biopeople Membership Network.

We are a neutral catalyst for collaboration between companies and public research, and our strategic priority is to support the paradigm shift in the life science and health care sector. We build competences and value in collaboration with educational institutions and companies that leads to increase in job and export.

Biopeople was the first European Life Science cluster in 2013 to achieve the Gold Label of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA /ESCARD) as supported by the EU Commission.

Our vision
Danish Life Science grows through innovation and collaboration

Our mission
Biopeople facilitates confidence-building interpersonal relations. This is to fulfill the needs of our stakeholders for strengthening innovation through cross disciplinary and international partnerships.

  • Catalyzing innovation by creating inspiring meeting places for public and private stakeholders within Life Sciences
  • Inspiring to cross disciplinary collaboration and partnership bringing smaller companies, public/private synergy and internationalization into the spotlight
  • Supporting the development of professional competences within especially internationalization, innovation and foresight

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