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European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation


The project aims to train and educate patients and lay people to better and more informed engage in the medicines research and development processes. The project has developed a freely available toolbox and other assets.

The involvement of patients in R&D and product development is an important strategic component of small and large businesses and public administration. The European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovaiton (EUPATI) strenghten patient engagement in medicines R&D by providing a neutral platform for certified education and a repository for educational material:

"The overall goal of EUPATI is of utmost importance to the biotech and pharma companies, as it is a unique opportunity to speed up the empowerment of patients as partners for pharmaceutical companies in R&D activities. This involvement is expected to support all steps of R&D and to make R&D more efficient and more targeted to patient needs."


Patient education, see

Biopeople has currently involvment in IMI2 EFOEUPATI with a broad partnership of European patient organisations and companies,

and the EIT Health EUPATI RELOAD with Bayer Pharma and European Patient's Forum (EPF).

In Danish: Den danske EUPATI platforms - EUPATI Danmarks - vision er at uddanne patienter til at deltage aktivt i medicinudvikling. See

Biopeople contact: Per Spindler

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