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European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation


The project aims to train and educate patients and lay people to better and more informed engage in the medicines research and development processes. The project has developed a freely available toolbox and other assets.

In English:

Project Objectives (EFOEUPATI)

  • Develop a viable sustainability / business model for the medium-long term future of EUPATI activities.
  • Create a Patient Education and Engagement Portal that will host relevant information and resources for patients and other stakeholders to ensure meaningful and value adding patient engagement in medicines R&D. This will end up replacing the existing EUPATI website, and make it faster!!
  • Strength the coordination and impact of the existing EUPATI National Platform(ENP) network, through promotion of collaboration, knowledge exchange and sharing.


Patient education, see

In Danish:

Den danske EUPATI platforms - EUPATI Danmarks - vision er at uddanne patienter til at deltage aktivt i medicinudvikling. See

Biopeople contact: Per Spindler

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