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CLINAM ON-LINE CONFERENCE: Clinical Nanomedicine and the Impact of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence for Precision Medicine

The CLINAM Summit is a globally unique event that brings together all stakeholders in nanomedicine, targeted medicine and precision medicine and in its 12th Conference emphasizes besides nanomedicine the role of digitalization and artificial intelligence






European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine, Biopeople


ENTIRE CLINAM SUMMIT IN VIRTUAL LIVE STREAMING. Welcome to the 12th European and Global VIRTUAL CLINAM Summit. We have decided to cancel the reality presence meeting in Basel and will have an entire live stream Summit. The threat of COVID-19 makes the familiar and real life qualities of our summit impossible. We hope that 2021 a real life Summit will be again possible. The virtual meeting is the signal that CLINAM also in most difficult times goes on. Research, meeting and exchanging never stops. Let us all together make this Virtual Summit a great Success!
We look forward to see each other on screen.

The CLINAM Summit is a globally unique event that brings together all stakeholders in nanomedicine, targeted medicine and precision medicine and in its 12th Conference emphasizes besides nanomedicine the role of digitalization and artificial intelligence. The present achievements will be highlighted and the ambitious goal is the interdisciplinary endeavor to improve the medicine of the future together. The Summit builds on the principle that fundamental and applied scientists, developers, clinicians, regulators and professionals from various related fields can mutually learn from each other to find better solutions together. This leads to new collaborations and consortia of experts that can accelerate the development and strengthen the efforts towards a medicine that delivers more benefits to patients and society.

Precision and personalization in nanomedicine and Patient Centric Medicine Based on recent groundbreaking achievements of nanomedicine and related fields, the meeting will be a highlight to shape the path to personalized medicine. It will highlight the potential for prevention, diagnosis and therapy. The development of new tools, materials and new strategies for this growing field is enabling the translation of the progressive understanding of the genome and the immune system towards innovative new medical applications. The future of medicine includes a patient‐centric approach which is a way healthcare systems can establish a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families to align decisions with patients’ wants, needs, and preferences. This also includes the delivery of specific education and support patients need to make these decisions and participate in their own care.

AI and Digitalisation benefits Artificial intelligence to achieve set goals in nanomedicine and genomics will be highlighted as an enabling discipline. Particular attention is given to the potential benefits, but also to the inherent risks and pitfalls of machine learning will be investigated to realize the full potential for precision medicine. Digitalization is needed to understand the immense data sets that arise in medicine, and its potential to improve the effectiveness of drugs in the patient. HighPerformance Computing with massive computational power will be needed to gain a more detailed understanding not only of the generic aspects of disease but of its precise meaning in the individual, and will be used in comprehensive analyses and in simulation in virtual patients, predicting the most effective and least dangerous treatment strategy that can be applied in a cost‐effective manner to each person individually.

CLINAM has evolved towards its role as the international forum for interdisciplinary fields of cutting edge medicine. In difference to all other human rights the right to globally good health is still neglected. Today 2 billion people have no access to basic medicines, rendering them vulnerable to preventable misery and suffering. Today the speed of medical development opens perspectives that are far beyond what we expected two decades ago. Clinical Nanomedicine will have a predominant role in its character as cross technology for targeted drug delivery. The advancements in deciphering the genome and the understanding that the “one size fits all” for patients is overcome, gives new perspectives to understand all needs and facets for personalized medicine. It will be inspiring to hear from outstanding experts about their future perspective of combining the toolbox of emerging technologies for Medicine and its application for the patient. It will be instructive to hear from the opinion leaders about the interaction of Nanomedicine, Genetics, Digitalization, AI and further novel technologies, that will enable us bringing diagnosis and therapy to more patients in a world in which in the next two decades globally every individual should gain access to advanced, cost effective and precise healthcare.

Target Audience

The faculty includes the pioneers and opinion leaders in the fields of medicine, nanoscience and targeted medicine, who share experience in an interdisciplinary and interactive manner that widens mutual understanding for both sides. The summit and the exhibition are aimed at physicians, as well as non‐scientists with a background in pharmacology, biology, physics, chemistry, biophysics, medicine materials science and engineering. Experts in artificial intelligence, digitalization and high performance computing show the implications in the healthcare sector. The meeting is a particularly useful source of knowledge for the targeted medicine and delivery community. The conference is also of interest for members of the regulatory authorities as well as policymakers, experts from industry in the field of life sciences, developers of new tools and materials for Nanomedicine, and all those investigating the potential of emerging technologies in the field of healthcare and their combinations. Experts from venture companies can acquire knowledge on existing and upcoming developments and novel products in the emerging field of nanomedicine and knowledge based medicine. Government authorities can profit from the regulator’s international sessions. Industrials find contacts for cooperation and get insight into the novel concepts and meet members of keen investigating startups with interest for working together. CLINAM is the worldwide melting pot for experts and a high‐level communication platform where you meet those striving for equal goals.

Further information, submission of abstracts, registration, exhibition and programme updates, please check:

CLINAM Contact: Beat Löffler at +41 78 654 37 07 (mobile), (E-mail)

Biopeople contact: Per Spindler



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