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Coloplast hosts meeting on biofilm - join and share experiences

NOW AS WEBINAR! Registration is still open.


25-08-2020 14:30 - 16:00


Teknologisk Institut, Coloplast & Biopeople

NOW AS WEBINAR! Registration is still open.

The target group for this meeting is people with a broad interest in anti microbial products, biofilm, efficiency testing, infections, infection hygiene and medical equipment.

Participants from companies, hospitals and universities are welcome.

Included in the program is a presentation on biofilm by Thomas Bjarnholt, University of Copenhagen, Sund and Rigshospitalet as well as Liselotte Blond Sørensen, DMD Consulting, who talks about the regulatory challenges regarding biofilm.

The presentations are followed by group discussions and presentations of the below subjects:

• Models for the study of til biofilm, in vitro/ in vivo
• Regulatory challenges
• Interaction between different micro organisms in biofilm
• How does biofilm evolve?


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