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Photo by CDC
Photo by CDC


Fundraising for early stage Diagnostics Biotechnology Startup


05-10-2020 14:00 - 17:00


Mærsk Tårnet
Blegdamsvej 3B, 15.sal.
DK-2200 - Copenhagen


CONNECT Denmark & Biopeople


The company is a start-up biotech company with the aim to improve influenza virus diagnosis.The product is a new type of rapid inlfuenza virus diagnostic test using novel technologies

Influenza virus infects around 10% of the world population every year, and the global influenza diagnostics market size is USD 1.91 billion (2015). However there is a performance problem with the dominant diagnostic tests for point-of-care use, because independent research shows that on average they have a 50% performance sensitivity.

The company’s founder is a biochemist and immunologist trained at Imperial College London. He carried out post-doctoral research in the USA at UMASS medical centre in Massachusetts. He has big pharma experience, having worked on the development of the Bexsero Vaccine.

Points for sparring

Wishing for input and feedback on the following from the panel:

- How to make the perfect pitch for high end, corporate, sophisticated investors. How to reach and speak to Venture Capital firms?

- Raising money in the millions range

- What information and factors do early stage investors focus on?

- How investors evaluate/ place valuations for early stage ventures?

Industry: Medtech, Pharma, Biotech

Stage of development: Proof of Concept

Region: Copenhagen

Skills: Exit strategy, Financing, Funding & Raising Capital, Investor Pitch, Licensing, Presentation techniques & skills

CONNECT Denmark contact: André Elm

Biopeople contact: Anette Birck

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