Medicon Valley Alliance R&D Network - 2nd meeting - Lund

Enhancing collaboration – how to ensure a faster implementation of the latest research in the health care sector.


04-12-2018 16:00 - 19:00




Medicon Valley Alliance


How can we promote collaboration between preclinical and clinical researchers to make sure that excellent research goes all the way and turns into successful innovations for the benefit of patients and society? How can we all cooperate, and what is the ultimate model to speed up the process?

MVA R&D Network second meeting: Discuss the opportunities and challenges with the preclinical-clinical transition in a Swedish and Danish perspective:

The network
Medicon Valley Alliance R&D Network – an interdisciplinary network for C-level R&D executives (CSOs, CMOs, VPs), university professors and PIs, and top-level managers in the hospital sector. The objective of the network is to strengthen collaboration and knowledge-sharing to stimulate that great science turns into successful innovations for the benefit of patients and society. The network is scheduled to meet twice a year.

Program includes:
CREATE Health: in collaboration to solve clinical unmet needs
Carl Borrebaeck, Prof & Director of CREATE Health translational Cancer Center, Lund University

Urology – from bench to bed
Per-Anders Abrahamsson, Prof & former Chairman Dep of Urology Lund University
& former Secretary General European Association of Urology

Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners – a new initiative to promote research collaboration and implementation of new knowledge in clinical practice
Per Jørgensen, Director, Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners

Getting to clinical proof of concept studies as fast as possible – an alternative approach

Panel discussion

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