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New Insights into Neuroscience - Nanostring Seminar

Deciphering the Complexity of Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation.


05-03-2018 13:30 - 16:00


Auditorium 93
Juliane Maries Vej 20, Opgang/Entrance 93
2100 Copenhagen
DK-2100 - Copenhagen


Nanostring Technologies


In this seminar our Scientists will highlight:

  • nCounter® Neuropathology and Neuroinflammation Gene Expression Panels for rapid and comprehensive profiling
  • Performing highly multi-plexed gene and protein expression analysis with a single FFPE section
  • Capabilities in high-plex protein profiling with morphological context using Digital Spatial Profiling Technology


13:30: Registration & coffee

14:00: Discover Neuroscience with NanoString:

  • NanoString Platform and Neuroscience applications
  • Gene Expression Panels
  • Digital Spatial Profiling (DSP): Quantitate and profile 30+ proteins with morphological context
  • nCounter performance on FFPE, CSF, and at various post-mortem intervals

15:00: Case Studies

  • Gene expression profiling of AD and PD samples using Neuropathology GX Panel
  • Microglia gene signature development
  • Biomarkers predicting drug response in Glioblastoma patient

Presenter: nanoString scientists

16:00: Close and refreshment

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