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Webinar: The immune system in defense and disease – Research on virus infections, incl COVID-19 at Aarhus University

Meet professor Søren Paludan, Department of Biomedicine who will talk about his research at Aarhus University


25-06-2020 11:00 - 12:00



Spend an hour just before the summer break to listen and ask questions to Søren Riis Paludan, when he talks about disease mechanisms and presents his research conducted at Aarhus University (quote):

"In my laboratory we are interested in understanding the early events that occur during immunological challenge, and to characterize the impact on the control of infections. The innate immune system utilizes pattern recognition receptors to sense infections and to induce antimicrobial responses. In the case of virus infections, the type I interferons are particularly well-described to have strong antiviral activity. However, type I interferon can also cause significant pathology, and there is increasing appreciation of antiviral activities, which are independent of type I interferon. We seek to understand the mechanisms involved in both interferon-dependent and –independent antiviral immunity, and the interactions between these activities. Since many immunological phenomena occurring during viral infections are also involved in the pathology of non-communicable diseases, e.g. autoinflammatory diseases, we are also interested in uncovering the immunological basis for a panel of human pathologies."

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