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App provides individual access to medical knowledge and tools to treat pain


Injurymap aims to change the way we exercise to relieve pain - read the profile of the month

Muscle and joint pain – including pain in the back, neck, knee etc. is an astronomical health care burden. It accounts for around 20% of all primary care doctor consultations. It is common knowledge that exercise therapy is crucial for almost all patients. Most people, however, still struggle finding the right exercises and keeping motivation from start to finish.

Twelve exercise programs
Injurymap is a company that meets that challenge using technology. Injurymap is thus also the name of the company’s product - an app that helps people find the right exercises and keeping the motivation. Injurymap’s exercise programs cover 76 of the most common musculoskeletal conditions in all regions of the body, including neck, shoulder, elbow, lower back, hip, knee, ankle, Achilles tendon and arch tendon.

The tool that helps you stay on track
“Our overall mantra is that everyone may be in control of their physical health given the right tools. Together with our team of health professionals, we’ve developed customized treatment plans, which are easy to use and to stick with when treating yourself,” says Ulrik Borch, CEO and co-founder, Injurymap. He continues: “In the future, we believe that people will be able to access medical knowledge and intuitive, state of the art tools for self-care. With Injurymap we’ve created a program that adapts, as each person uses the app.”

Unique team
Injurymap considers itself a unique company with a fruitful combination of skills! The app is based on a very high level of medical expertise, represented by specialist doctors with many years of clinical and research experience. The strong developer team has a background from the consumer apps Vivino and Endomondo. The combination of skills and a concurrent focus on quality of recommendations and ease-of-use makes the team unique.

High quality instructions will change the picture of exercise
“We want to change exercise therapy by making it more accessible and easier to do. Basically we try to deal with the fact that most people find exercise therapy boring and difficult to cope with. It will happen the same way as the Duolingo app changed language education,” Ulrik Borch says. He explains: “It is a fact that we all occasionally need do physical therapy to take care of our body. However, only about 1 in 5 people in the Western part of the world seek professional help when they experience muscle or joint pain. That really illustrates the need for better self-help tools, I think.”

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Endorsed by the Crown Prince of Denmark

Endorsed by the Crown Prince of Denmark

On 2 December 2019 Ulrik Borch, Injurymap, met the Crown Prince at the kick-off event for Sportstech Denmark, organised by DI - Dansk Industri and Danmarks Idrætsforbund (DIF). At the event, the Crown Prince revealed that he had used the app himself, and that he had even recommended Injurymap to others.

”It was a humbling experience to witness the Crown Prince help me explain how Injurymap works and to get his positive feedback to the app. To me it really illustrates that Injurymap is a tool that everyone can use - royals and commoners alike,” Ulrik Borch says with a glimpse in his eye.

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