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European Biotech Week highlights the industry in September


The European Biotech Week celebrates the biotechnology sector on 23-29 September 2019 - Biopeople and the Greater Copenhagen EU Office host a meeting 26 September on the novel EIC Accellerator programme and its applicability to companies

Mark your calendar 26 September 2019 for the Biopeople / Greater Copenhagen EU Office's and learn about the EIC Accelerator Meeting in Copenhagen. The EU has set aside 5 billion the EIC – Accelerator program in 2019-2020. The EIC – Accelerator can provide individual companies support for up to 18 million DKK (grant) and up to 112 million in investment (equity) with the EU as a silent investor. The program will support projects with high risk and very high earning potential. Subsequently, the program will invest the necessary resources to reduce the risk before the ownership interests are sold on to venture capital funds. Biotech companies could use the support to finance validation of technologies, initial clinical trials and so on.

Our meeting takes place during European Biotech Week. During the week National Biotech Associations, in collaboration with companies, academia and governmental institutions, science museums and the media, organise events across Europe to celebrate the cutting edge technologies of biotech.

URLs for the meeting:

Biopeople contact: Per Spindler

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