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International Conference on perspectives in precision medicine in Copenhagen in February 2018


Written byRandi Munch Krogsgaard

We are facing a paradigm change with challenges. Research and commercial development in the cross field between public health, health records, bio banks, biomarkers, information and communication technologies, user perspectives and the established fields of the pharmaceutical industry are emerging growth areas.

The conference on Perspectives in Precision Medicine will deal with challenges in the cross field between pharmaceutical development, user involvement and ICT.

New cross-disciplinary research fields
The conference will introduce new cross-disciplinary research fields and bring together key opinion leaders in the three converging disciplines; Pharmaceutical development, user involvement and ICT. It will all take place by combining key note speakers, panel discussions, thematic round tables, site visits and relevant matchmaking of new partnerships

Present at the conference will also be the steering committee of the current project: Biomarkers as en emerging growth area, which specifically focus on the cross disciplinary interaction between pharmaceutical development, ICT and user involvement.

Looking for new insight and knowledge?
Everyone with an interest in precision medicine, especially in the cross field between pharmaceutical development, user involvement and ICT, are welcome to attend the conference on precision medicine.

The conference especially targets SMEs, researchers or otherswho are looking into new insight and knowledge on personalised medicine and want to discover new business and research opportunities, meet potential partners, expand their network and be inspired by a world leading pharmaceutical hub in the heart of Copenhagen.

Unique platform
With Denmark’s strong focus on personalised medicine, the country’s strong health research traditions and the unique way of organising the health data of its citizens, the conference in Copenhagen will be a unique platform for addressing the challenges within the area of personalised medicine, which many SMEs, researchers and other stakeholders are facing.

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