International Conference on perspectives in precision medicine in February 2018


Together with the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education and Enterprise Europe Network, Biopeople will host a conference targeted at national and international small and medium sized enterprises

International Conference on perspectives in precision medicine in February 2018

Research and commercial development in the cross field between public health, health records, biobanks, biomarkers, information and communication technologies, user perspectives and the established fields of the pharmaceutical industry is an emerging growth area facing challenges.

Denmark has a unique position in addressing these challenges:

Denmark has a national strategy on personalised medicine based on a yearlong systematic collection of data and knowledge about the Danish population’s diseases and treatment. Denmark is in a unique position with an opportunity to make a difference for the individual citizen. Combined with the global development of personalised medicine, new technologies and increased knowledge about the importance of genes, the Danish health care system has unique opportunities to develop the potential of personalised medicine.

Denmark is a highly developed ICT nation and as such has a strong environment for developing solutions, which address health related needs. Almost every other Dane uses the internet for health related information. The Danish digital eco system has a strong technological foundation for system development integrating hardware and software and it comprises one of the most competitive and advanced telecommunications infrastructure and mobile markets. This in particular will be central for the development of new smart products for applications in health care.

User involvement in health care has become an important focus area in Denmark in relation to safety issues, self-care, partnerships in medical development and others. Patients are already involved in many ways, however, both ICT and pharmaceutical development could benefit even more from collaborating with patients.

National and international delegates from companies, research institutions and the health sector will meet, share knowledge, form new projects, identify project funding and learn about precision medicine seen from new and exciting perspectives.

The conference will introduce the new cross-disciplinary research field and bring together key opinion leaders in the three converging disciplines: Pharmaceutical development, ICT and user involvement in health care. This will happen by a combining key notes, panel discussions, thematic round tables and relevant matchmaking of new partnerships.


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