Join business delegation to Tel Aviv in September

Join business delegation to Tel Aviv in September


Join the Minister of Business and Industry in introducing Danish companies to key players from the water and digital health sectors.

These are sectors with high demand for new technologies, know-how and foreign partner companies.

Israel is an international water solution hub
Since Israel’s early days, water shortage has been of great concern. Deficiency of water and deterioration of water quality encompass serious challenges, leading Israel to invest heavily in the development of innovative water technologies and ingenious solutions.

Due to necessity, supported by the entrepreneurial culture and highly educated labor, Israel has become an international water solution hub playing a major role in supplying the world with cutting-edge water and environmental solutions.

Israel continuously seeks knowledge and expertise in water quality,operation and maintenance, desalination, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, water management and energy optimization.

The demand on the Israeli market for Danish water technology products and services is distinctive, making the market to a great potential for Danish companies. There is also an interest in Israel in engaging in strategic alliances with Danish water companies to supply water solutions to the global market. Israeli companies have a strong global presence and a good track record in international cooperation.

Explosive growth in digital health technologies
Israel is among the world’s leading countries in innovative Life Sciences. Approx. 35 percent of all research in Israel focuses on Life Sciences and more than 4 percent of the GDP is invested in R&D.

Health spending is increasing by 5 percent annually. In recent years, Israel is experiencing explosive growth in digital health technologies both in terms of funding and in terms of the number of companies, with investments jumping almost 30 percent to $183 million in 2016.

Approx. 385 companies operate inthe digital health field in Israel. There are five subsectors who characterizes Israel’s digital health sector: Health Analytics,Telemedicine, Clinical Workflow, Wearables & Sensors and Personal Health Tools.

Personal Health Tools is the largest sector consisting of 174 firms and Health Analytics the second largest with 85 firms. These two sectors represented 70 percent of the total deal volume in 2015 and 2016.

Israel is seeking to become an international power-house within digital health. There is a great demand in Israel for digital health solutions and an interest in engaging in strategic alliances with Danish companies in further developing ground-breaking digital health solutions. In addition, the multinational Pharma and Medtech companies in Israel are seeking new technologies to incorporate into their own solutions.


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